Dr. Shujaat Hussain, from India, wrote about Zacharoula Gaitanaki’s translation: «LOVE BLOOMS IN «POET’S GARDEN» OF SPIROS K. KARAMOUNTZOS»: Of course the work of translation is interesting and enjoyable but it is a daunting and a challenging task. It is never easy to be a translator. We know that every line, couplet or verse has its own standard of qualifications. Language proficiency, sound knowledge of the subject matter, sensitivity, critical talent and commitment are exemplary qualities of Dr. Zacharoula. I assert that Dr. Zacharoula Gaitanaki possesses all required tools and she uses them in command while translating poems and other works of writers and poets.

Dr. Zacharoula has been doing noble deeds for literature. I personally know her from the beginning that she has been making all efforts to make writers of her country globally known by translating their Greek literary works into English. Had she not translated the Greek work of Spiros K. Karamountzos we would not have come to know him. She is a great contemporary writer and translator. Her various national and international awards speak volume of her art, skill and style of her translation.

When she translates, she takes great care and pain making it crystal clear about its syntactic and textual structure, the lexical and grammatical meanings of the expressions it contains. Her wide range of learning makes her familiar with the idiomatic ways of expressing things in the undertaken language. She dexterously and excellently uses dialectal or stylistic variants in the language – jargon, slang, euphemisms, jocular sayings, etc. She knows the subtleties and nuances of meaning in one language, culture and context in order to convey the same meaning in a different language, culture and context. It has become her fond game and the readers enjoy and appreciate her. Thus it is a grand contribution of her to translation field. [….]

Σπύρος Κ. Καραμούντζος –> ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥΓΕΝΝΙΑΤΙΚΟ ΧΑΪΚΟΥ: «Μαύρα σύννεφα / το Άστρο κρύβουν, για μας / και για τους Μάγους.»    Spiros K. Karamountzos: «Dark clouds / hide the Star  for us and / the three  Wise Men.»

COME TO SANTORINI by Spiros K. Karamountzos –> The days with serenity come to see its sun / lighting up  the stars last night fading them away at dawn. / In the light blue of the Aegean Sea come to see the image of the sun /  having the island for a boat with mermaids by its side. / Come to bask all day in Imerovigli, /  marks of warmth the sun will send you with its beams. / Who is not going to photograph the sunlit Caldera  / waiting agog the sun to go down in the West? / Come a moonlit night to dream away / … by starlight too,  golden gifts of  Nature. / Come for a honey moon you too in Santorini / a step that will judge your future life from now on.  [English translation by Z. Gaitanaki]


Πότης Κατράκης:  «Ο ΚΑΘΡΕΦΤΗΣ (από την ποιητική συλλογή του «ΠΡΟΒΛΕΨΕΙΣ», Αθήνα 2016). «Το πεζογραφικό και ποιητικό έργο / ενός λογοτέχνη, αποτελεί τον καθρέφτη / που απεικονίζει / τον ψυχικό και πνευματικό του κόσμο,  /  που διαφορετικά θα έμενε άγνωστος.  /  Και αυτό είναι η κύρια / αν όχι η μόνη αμοιβή του.»                                                                                                                                          «The prose and poetical work / of a writer, is the mirror / that reflects / his soul and his spiritual world,  / that otherwise would remain unknown. / And this is the main / if not his only reward.» (Potis Katrakis: «THE MIRROR», from his poetry collection «Prediction», 2016).          Translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki. «Interior study», painting by Mary Dawson Elwell.

ΠΑΡΟΥΣΙΑΣΗ ΣΤ’ ΑΓΓΛΙΚΑ ΤΗΣ ΖΩΓΡΑΦΟΥ, ΠΟΙΗΤΡΙΑΣ ΚΑΙ ΔΑΣΚΑΛΑΣ κ. ΔΕΣΠΟΙΝΑΣ Χ. ΠΑΠΑΔΑΤΟΥ – ΚΑΡΑΒΟΥΛΙΑ   *  The poetess and painter Mrs. DESPINA CH. PAPADATOU-KARAVOULIA was teacher. Now she is retired. She was born in Kalata, a village in Kefallonia island. She lives in a small village in Varda of Ilia in Peloponnese with her husband Mr. Vassilios Karavoulias, retired teacher and writer. She is a member of the «Poetas del mundo» – «Poets of the World». She has published the books: “Poetical Thoughts”, “Akathyllides”, “Scholastic theatre”, “Assimo”, “Theatre for children”, “Troades”, “Colors” and “Verse and color” (2010).


Ah! Butterfly
even if you speak in a whisper.
I don’t believe you,
you don’t keep the secrets.


Without faith,
without principles,
we became the loot
of wind.


I love, therefore I am!
There ever you tread, plant flowers
and there ever you look, put blue color.
Life is short…
But it will be true
whenever you love,
whenever you smile
and whenever you laugh at it…

[English translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki, October 2015].

Painting by Despina Ch. Papadatou - Karavoulia.

Painting by Despina Ch. Papadatou – Karavoulia.

                                                            Mrs. MARY KOULENTIANOU

Mrs. MARY KOULENTIANOU was born in Argos, a city in Argolida, Peloponnese, in 1946. Her husband was Mr. Nickolaos Koulentianos from Korakochori, a village in Arcadia. She has two children, a son and a daughter. Now, she lives in Argos.
Mary Koulentianou is a Greek contemporary poetess and painter. She was a member of “Lyceum Club of Greek Women” in Argos. She is a member of the Poetas del Mundo.
In her painting she portrays the reality of everyday life. Images, people, sceneries, colors, beauty, thoughts, visions and hopes inspired her to write her beautiful poems.


I set its rose petals
to my lips,
humming it a song
using its fragrance.

The thorns pricked me,
blood on my fingers,
flowers that blossomed
deep in my heart.

My rose bush was watered
with my tears
and left a saltiness
on my cheeks.                                               MARY KOULENTIANOU

[ 2nd Poetry Prize by the Municipality of Argos – English translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki, September 2015 ]

Ποιήματα της ΘΕΟΔΩΡΑΣ ΚΟΥΦΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ – ΗΛΙΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ σε αγγλική απόδοση από τη Ζαχαρούλα Γαϊτανάκη  – Poems by THEODORA KOUFOPOULOU – HELIOPOULOU. English translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki.


Greek poetess Mrs. THEODORA KOUFOPOULOU – HELIOPOULOU was born in Spathari, an Arcadian village. She writes poems, short stories, essays and articles. Her poems have been translated in English, French, Italian, Chinese and Albanian and have won prizes in panhellenic and international literary competitions. [HONOURS: 1) From Municipality of Keratsini (2004), with plaque for her poem “I would like to live like that”. 2) Honorary Diploma and Medal in Civilizing Olympiad – “PANATHINAIA 2004” of the “International Society of Greek Writers and Artists”. 3) 1st PRIZE in “SIKELIANA 2004” for her poem “Unguarded Crossing” 4) There is mention for her in “Continuos History of the Greek Literature”, an edition of Mr. M. Stafylas.] She is a member of the “International Society of Greek Writers and Artists”, of the “Union of Greek Writers”, of POETAS DEL MUNDO and of the “Union of Historical Writers”. She has published four poetry collections: “DEWDROPS” (Athens, 1994)
“LIFE, I SING YOU” (Athens, 1994)
“IN MY SOUL’S GARDEN” (Athens, 1999)
“SWEET ODOURS OF THOUGHTS” (Athens, 2002) – Book & cd
the album: “HONOURS OF MY POETRY” (2005)
and two folkore’s books: 1) “SPATHARI, A NOSTALGIC TRIP” (1996)
2) “SAINT KYRIAKI, OUR SETTLEMENT” (2002) She lives in Rafina with her husband Mr. Dimitris Heliopoulos.

We are beams of light. / Come to be / the vast Sun / of Humanity. / All of us  /  we are accountable / for its beauty.


Light! I want my speech
soil, water and air.
Bread  and wine. Basil, mint,
dancing and singing.
Salt, lemon and honey
I want my speech.
Fire… “to excommunicate
the solitude of the world”.


Wash your ego
Clothe yourself in magnificence.
Be the joy of the embittered,
the support of the helpless.
Lash the unjust.
Let a child beat you.
and remain a child.
Thus you beat time.


A puff of air
splendor and dream,
the life.
What a pity !
If you didn’ t inhale the breeze,
if you didn’ t keep the splendor,
if you didn’ t live the dream…
It’ s your own fault.


Full of light,
versed in your mind,
a servant of beauty and love,
of ideals and merits.
A devout and believer
in the meadows of life
and your soul
you can call yourself
a human being.


The house filled
with your absence.
The thought floods.

And the Poet spread
petals of rose
on the paper.

Your scent remains


He looked at me and smiled
as he was climbing to the mountaintop.
“Going uphill,
the road is enjoyable and challenging.
The more you go up,
the higher you want,
the most high you ask for.
Where is the supreme light ?
There !
It’s waiting for you.”
The old man told me these words
and he disappeared.


was the sweetness of Spring.
is the coolness of autumn.
Who knows?
Maybe it will be a warm winter
or a harsh wintry weather.
The order is from ABOVE…


Centuries you spent
on the ways of Sky.

You said you were lucky.
As an indication of gratitude
you made a hole
in the sun’s dress.

How could you
bleed your soul?


lend you their twinkle
and birds their wings.
Dedalus his skill.

And you, Sun-seeker,
in your flight take
the free spirit of Icarus.

Soul misses its origin.


When ears matured
and poppies colored,
when swallows
leave behind the seas…

It’s a moment to gather.
Free it !


1. I listened to you
Aegean’s seashell.
Now, you became a verse.

2. In earth’s and over earth’s
get drunk eyesight,
get drunk hearing,
get drunk taste.
Blessing is the beauty.

3. Father, your wise words
a stick, a support
for the hurdles race
of my life.
4. As profound I feel,
I think, I pray,
that way and I write.
Prayer is the poetry.
Communication with
the inconceivable.


Don’t dim the sunlight
neither do your life fringes.

Don’t discolor the tradition
neither your maternal language.

this is your own soul.


Count the stars,
the sand of the sea.
Count, how many flowers
there are on Earth.
Put a bridle on the wind.

Can you?

It’s humble
to accept who you are.


Heart is a gong
love is a torch.

In faith to be true
the miracle.

Love is inspired by God.

In front of its temple
every soul kneels down.


You are a wayfarer
of day and night.
You are a hunter
of knowledge and tops.
Traveling of Sky and Earth,
I found you, delicate vision.
A secret spring.
You are the immortality
and you are alike life.


Plains are thirsty for water.
war is thirsty
for human souls.

And the Earth, is thirsty
for you, PEACE.

In our call,
don’ t say ‘NO’
We ’ll spread palm leaves
when you will come.

It ’s necessary to come,
My far-shining.

GOD’S  LOVE   –  My prayer

Dear God. You are almighty,
Holy and Immortal, Visible and Unseen.
Which color to paint Your face?
Which hymns to sing Your greatness?
If You want, come in my soul’s house
and listen, God of Light, my prayer:
“In the bad times that we live,
send Your gifts from heavens:
Your light to dispel the darkness,
Your justice to scatter the right,
all people to become brothers,
love like a river to run…”
Ah, God of Love.
What our life would be without Your spirit?
Be support for the tired man,
hope and joy for the sick,
for orphaned child and embittered man.
My verses are incense, my heart’s surplus.
I haven’t most beautiful gift to give You
except my love.
And do me a favor once more, my sweet God:
that I ’ll never forget
the “thank you”, “excuse me”,
“please” and to forgive. Thank You, dear God.
You are my soul’s fluttering, my mind’s seashore.


In the burned forest,
germinated rosy,
ethereal cyclamens.
Song of Songs.
Poetry !
Spring in our heart.
Ah! Endless life !

Ποιήματα του Νίκου Κότσικα σε αγγλική απόδοση της Ζαχαρούλας Γαϊτανάκη – Poems by Nickos Kotsikas. English translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki:


In the office of a dead poet,
the criticism became on the go.
None of us will ever know why
and the funeral was coming out.
What of it ?
Bitter words each one admitted,
for the person, his poems, curse…
But their reason became false
when they saw a packet of cigarettes.
“Eternal his memory” they shouted,
“have a nice send off and trip,
to find a corner in Paradise”
and they all smoked without question.


I am alone.
The air
caresses my face
and gets lost.

Ah! How much
I would like it
to stay around me.

Ποιήματα της Ανδρομάχης Πούλα στα αγγλικά, σε απόδοση από τη Ζαχαρούλα Γαϊτανάκη: Η ΑΝΔΡΟΜΑΧΗ Β. ΠΟΥΛΑ είναι φοιτήτρια της Παιδαγωγικής Ακαδημίας Αργυροκάστρου στο Τμήμα της Ελληνικής Γλώσσας. Η «ΥΦΑΝΣΗ ΕΛΠΙΔΩΝ» είναι η πρώτη της ποιητική συλλογή από τις εκδόσεις «Α.B.C.» – Αργυρόκαστρο. ANDROMACHE V. POULA is a student in Pedagogic Academy of Argyrokastre (Greek Language Section).“WEAVING of HOPES” is her first poetry collection by Editions “A.B.C.” – Argyrokastre, Albania.


Don’t deprive me of
all that I love,
all that I wish,
all that I live for.

Let the life,
is mine,
is my heart,
it ’ s me.


If you love it
prove it,
and if you die
for it,
on the native soil
with your
warm blood
w r I t e
“My country, I love you.”


You wake up, there,
that the sun
refuses to rise.
You laugh, there,
that the joy
becomes fear…
You step on earth
when all the other
aimlessly fly.
You create a life, there,
that all the other
don’t want to live…


What even if dry
another tree dried up
besides for its death
nobody cared…

Since it was alone
in the world,
when it shattered,
there was nothing
to lean on.

[ All poems are from the first poetry collection of Mrs. Adromache V. Poula “WEAVING of HOPES”. English translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki (Athens, October 2002).

Ποίημα του Αρχιμανδρίτη Μάξιμου Αδαμίδη σε αγγλική απόδοση από τη Ζαχαρούλα Γαϊτανάκη *  Poem by Archimandrite MAXIMOS ADAMIDIS. Greek translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki.


Words follow me from the past.
I hear words and promises from the future.
Among those, I’m a breakthrough,
I stand embarrassed and trembling.

What wonder it comes
and what work I ’ll mould?
Will it be mine or a puppet of other heads?
My trace in this world?
I’m subject and shiver of my anguish.

An inexpert yachtsman of time.
The sweat, the manifest of my effort.
But I transmit an anxious S. O. S.
Surely, I’m a student
in front of “what”, “yes” and “how”.


Ποιήματα της Ελένης Ι. Γρίβα από την δίγλωσση ποιητική της συλλογή «ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ ΖΩΗΣ» σε αγγλική μετάφραση από τη Ζαχαρούλα Γαϊτανάκη  * Poems by Eleni I. Grivas from her poetry collection «PICTURES OF LIFE», English translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki.

ΣΤΙΓΜΙΟΤΥΠΑ ΖΩΗΣ, γράφει η Ζαχαρούλα Γαϊτανάκη:

Η ζωή είναι μια διαδρομή. Ανεβοκατεβαίνουμε, διασχίζουμε δρόμους, τριγυρίζουμε, αργοπορούμε. Σ’ αυτή τη διαδρομή, με τις δυσκολίες και τις καλές της στιγμές, καταγράφουμε γεγονότα, αποκτούμε εμπειρίες, ωριμάζουμε και προχωρούμε.
Η κ. ΕΛΕΝΗ ΓΡΙΒΑ με την συλλογή της «ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ ΖΩΗΣ», μας δίνει μικρά σε έκταση ποιήματα γεμάτα λυρισμό, μηνύματα και σοφία. Είναι στίχοι – στιγμιότυπα ζωής, σκέψεις, νοήματα, αγωνία, συναισθήματα, διαπιστώσεις, αγώνας για επιβίωση, δεήσεις, ευγνωμοσύνη για ό,τι έχει αποκτηθεί. Κοινός παρονομαστής η ΑΓΑΠΗ για τη φύση και τον άνθρωπο και μια ακλόνητη πίστη στο Θεό, που λυτρώνει και σώζει.
Με τρόπο λακωνικό η ποιήτρια μοιράζεται μαζί μας αλήθειες και βιώματα, που συγκροτούν τον χαρακτήρα της και την προσωπικότητά της. Από τα βάθη της καρδιάς της βγαίνουν οι στίχοι της κι αναβλύζουν ως γάργαρο νερό για να μας ξεδιψάσουν, να μας συγκινήσουν και να μας ικανοποιήσουν.
Τι άλλο να ζητήσει ο αναγνώστης από μια ποιητική συλλογή για να την διαβάσει με ενδιαφέρον και να την χαρεί;

SNAPS OF LIFE  by Zacharoula Gaitanaki

Life is a route. We go up and down, we cross the roads, we wonder around, we arrive late. In this course, with the easy and the hard moments, we make a list of incidents, we acquire experiences, we mature and we go ahead.
Mrs. ELENI GRIVAS, with her poetry collection entitled “PICTURES OF LIFE”, gives us small in extent poems, full in lyrical tones, messages and wisdom. They are verses – snaps of life, thoughts, meanings, suspense, feelings, findings, a struggle to survive, prayers, thankfulness for anything we are getting on in our life. LOVE for the nature and the people, is the common denominator, together with an unshakeable faith in God, that liberates and saves.
Poetess, with a laconic manner, shares with us truths and experiences that constitute her character and her personality. From the bottom of her heart, her verses come to light and are like clear water quenching our thirst, touching us and satisfying us.
If you wonder how could a little poem achieve all the above things doing our heart to long for it, the answer is clear: because there is inside it a clear and a sensitive soul. The big heart of Mrs. Eleni Grivas. Enjoy her poems:

The wish

My heart will be so happy
in this world that we live,
when the children of the world
they’ll have a good luck.

The affection

From the great affection
and the great love
nobody was hurt,
no one was destroyed.

There are cold-hearted people
in the society
that molest the children
in their tender age.


Life shows us other things
and different it is displaying,
sometimes shows the joy
and others the grieves.

Life isn’t a game,
it has bitterness and grief,
it has tribulations,
sighs also.

The Mother

Mother, an unique word
that I keep in my soul.
This is the first word
I told in my life.

There, high up

There, high up the sky
that we go when we pass away,
my eyes, in place of stars,
angels we meet.

The headstrongness

The headstrongness is wrong
it doesn’t offer you knowledge
that’s why the headstrong man
may pay for it.                                                     [For more poems see the book.]

ΠΟΙΗΜΑΤΑ του Δρ. ΠΟΤΗ ΚΑΤΡΑΚΗ (από τη συλλογή «Απρόβλεπτο») στα αγγλικά, σε απόδοση από τη Ζαχαρούλα Γαϊτανάκη –  POEMS by POTIS KATRAKIS from his poetry collection «THE UNFORESEEN» – English translation by ZACHAROULA GAITANAKI:


God, as time goes by,
perfects the human mind
and this, in its turn,
changes the fortune and the destiny
of the people of the world.
That’s why nobody knows
what will happen in the future.


The great reaching, the zenith,
of poetic creation comes
when the soul of poet is crucified,
his mind becomes furious
and his blood thrashes about
with winds force twelve Beaufort.


Don’t be surprised
for the great number of poems
that I write.
The matter in poetry
is an inexhaustible source
as the life.
And the language that I write
is the most complete.


They ask me how much and what are
my material earnings from the poetry.
I answer them.
Nothing, but only the communication
with God.
The adulthood and the gold of my soul.
The preservation and the elevation of my mind.
The realization that I exist
and I set fire to torches in the dark.
That I have a talk with the people of today
and with the people of tomorrow.
Is there a stock exchange or a bank account
that could give me more?


With my verses
sometimes I draw pictures of dreams
to embellish
and to make brilliant the beauty,
sometimes I compose sounds of music
to make the chords of souls
to vibrate delightfully
and sometimes I engrave messages
in the memories of the people
to light their way
to a better future.
With my verses I become
painter, musician, teacher.

POTIS KATRAKIS, Greece (Look for more poems: «THE UNFORESEEN»).

ΠΟΙΗΜΑΤΑ (ένα μικρό μέρος από τα πολλά) ΤΟΥ ΣΤΑΘΗ ΓΡΙΒΑ ΣΤ’ ΑΓΓΛΙΚΑ, ΣΕ ΑΠΟΔΟΣΗ ΑΠΟ ΤΗ ΖΑΧΑΡΟΥΛΑ ΓΑΪΤΑΝΑΚΗ. Ολα τα μεταφρασμένα ποιήματά του από τη Ζαχαρούλα βρίσκονται στα δύο δίγλωσσα βιβλία που εξέδοσε ο ποιητής – δείτε στις Εκδόσεις):

STATHIS GRIVAS was born in Kato Tithorea of Lokrida (March, 7, 1926). He studied Analyst in the “Greek Productivity Center” (ELKEPA), in “I.B.M.” and Economist in the University of Economics and Business Sciences. He worked in the Hellenic Company of Chemical Products (1953 – 1986). Now, he is retired. He is a member of the “Greek Literary Society”, of the “International Society of Greek Writers and Artists”, of the “Phtiotians Club of Writers” and a Honorary Academician of the Academy of Fiorino (Italy). He is referred in the American “Who’s Who”, in the “International Biography of Cambridge” and in Balkan “Who’s Who” of “Metron”. His poems are in many Anthologies and they have been translated into English and Chinese. His writing has won prizes in national and international competitions of Poetry. His vita is included in the Encyclopedia of Modern Greek Literature of Charis Patsis (volume 11). He has published : “Proverbs” (2006) and the poetic collections:
“First heartbeats” (1987), “Surfs from Waves” (1988), “Clear Line” (1989), “Doves and Falcons” (1990), “A list of Crimes” (1991), “For my little friends” (1992), “Life’s Colors” (1996), “The voice of silence” (2000), “Shavings of dreams” (2000), “Scattered leaves”
(2001), “Clouding over” (2003), “Evening Time” (2005) and “Citizen of the World” (2007, Platanos editions.


When I hear
the voice of History,
like a buzz
passes in front of me
and gets lost…
I don’t know
where I was born.
In Athens,
in Byzantium,
in Ephesus
or in my village…
And, when I ask for it,
in my heart’s space,
then, all my brothers,
white, black, yellow,
shake my hand
all over the world.


Let’s engrave a mark
on the way of infinity
with the word: LOVE.
Let’s hang this word
on the rainbow
like a life’s talisman.
To lean on it
people that will follow…
A starting point.
A meeting point.
The word LOVE sitting
on the throne of peace.
To drink the dew
the thirsty people of the Earth,
the thirsty people of the world.


Nature is wise.
In its simplicity
conceals its grandeur.
In prearranged structures
in colors and sounds,
conceals its secrets.

Repeat of the simple,
the complicated and multiform,
built with the secret code of creation
is like an ethereal vision.

In the infinite time,
in the eternal life cycle,
anything that was born, dies
and whatever dies
recycles the life…


When you’ll read
poems of poets
that they are gone
for their last trip,
then, you’ll feel them
like star’s light
that now have faded out
but yet are lighted
and they embroider
with their light our starry sky.


The loud, big words,
how small
and unimportant  sound,
in front of the tear
of a hungry child.


I wish I could believe
in an eternal life.
But I can’t.
My thoughts is burdened
with the self- preservation
struggling with death
and hating the end.
I wish I could hold
to a religion even if I travel
in a wrong way.
Like the train of funfair
in my neighborhood
that it goes round
all over the world.
But the faith
can not unlock
my locked fingers.
And I look at you
with tenderness,
Mother Earth,
because, I know that
you wait for me…                                  English translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki.


ΠΟΙΗΜΑΤΑ του ΑΝΤΩΝΗ Ν. ΣΥΜΙΓΔΑΛΑ σε αγγλική απόδοση της Ζαχαρούλας Γαϊτανάκη (απόσπαμα της όλης δουλειάς) *  POEMS by ANTONIS N. SYMIGDALAS. English translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki (Athens, 2001).

Greek poet, author and journalist ANTONIS N. SYMIGDALAS, was born in Piraeus in 1934. Publisher ’ s newspaper “LITERATURE NOW”. His poems, stories and essays, have won prizes in Greek and international literary competitions. He has published: Poetry Collections : “Some flowers”, “Poems of loneliness”, “Some smiles”, “Travels to Sun”, “Some voices”, “Times in suspense”, “Yesterday…Today…Tomorrow…”, “Some autumnal yellow leafs”, “Without mask”, “Passing of love”, “Song of silence”, “Cardiograms” etc. Novels : “Sweet waiting”, “My love”, “Something, there is yet…”, “Colors of life” , “Somewhere…Sometime…” etc. and more essays : “J. Casanova”, “Mozart”, “Really, know who I am?”, “Some personages”, “When Spring leaves…”, “Una storia illustrata”, “Indications”, “Lonely Times”, “Personal experiences”, “Here and Now” etc.


Ah ! My unsuccessful dreams
remains in fog
of an invisible sea-shore,
– tragicomic spectators,
so to speak, in an unnoticed
and untravelled promise,
in the quay of our soul.


In the drizzling of autumn
silenced the nightingales
on the expiry of autumn,
the pretty swallows
leaving for other landscapes.
In this autumn ‘ s death agony
withered the flowers of May
– not even these little verses
succeeded to screen
the poverty of a poet.
What a vanity ! What an arrogance !.


The blowers and the anvils
gave a look of workshop in the city,
the traps and the rivets
are in great demand.
Indeed, everyone of us,
is a boss and a judge
and we sentence to death with crucifixion,
many palms of fellow-men,
all-day and all night long…
But, where are the traitors?
They hid behind their money.


Love, my love, take a look
at the light, with a little care,
and drive the grief
away from your glance.
Look my eyes, that give you
so much happiness
and smile as much as you can.


A certain slap, the first,
the first of all welcome of the heart,
traps of irony,
– full of temptation –
the half-closed smiles.
And later, ah ! later,
the heavy wrong flint
among the cracked pieces
of the sensitive mirror
and you face on the carpet
or on the pavement,
a mosaic from many stones in a line,
and you see inside our cracked eyes
the word that scares the world…


Yes ! Years and years
in the severe winter,
in the warm summers,
in the springs – full of flowers
and the yellowish green autumns,
is truth, that I have been waiting for you
to bring me
anything I forgot in my passing.
I have never been
a deserter of love,
nor I was timid from my birth’
all these years waiting the light.
Yes, your love’s light, my darling.


Now, at the night,
when you fall asleep,
your sleep ‘ s calmness
walks lighty, here and there,
among my some verses.
Now, in the morning,
when you wake up,
your look shines and lights,
like a sun full of hopes,
on my white papers,
on my mind ‘ s invisible kingdom.


POEMS by ZANNETA KALYVA – PAPAIOANNOU – English translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki


Winter came with the cool air,
Spring and Summer passed.
Birds do not sing on the branches of tree,
in the plains do not grow fresh flowers.
The sky grew dark suddenly,
the storm has been raging outside
and the north wind is blowing, thunder and lightning,
rains sweep the earth, soon, the rainbow will appear.


A long time passed and you came suddenly in the cold
to warm up my heart.

A long time passed
and my heart gave a leap
just like the past.

A long time passed, you touched me tenderly with your caress
like a spring of cool water in the dark.


It is just a “good – morning “
say it and I’ll keep it
like an amulet
that reminds me of you.


Love, divine melody.
clear like your heart,
true like your touch,
heady like your fragrance.


I was sitting on the seashore
I felt nostalgic
for all the things of the past
and the seagulls were flying
as if they were following you.

I was unaware that you left
quietly, alone, in silence,
I was not in time for you,
to touch you tenderly.

I know, you will not return,
however hard you try,
but you send me your messages
through your heart.


I met you
in the morning dew May.
I moved near you to taste
the sweetness of your soul.
I touched you
with shaky hands and lips.
I talked to you sweetly to bring you
as soon as possible close to me.
I caressed you tenderly
like a mother her baby.
I loved you
for your wonderful figure.
I felt pain for you
from the bottom of my heart.
I looked for you
but you were not there
where you were walking in the past.
I said good-bye to you
with pain and moaning,
I forget you not.